Virgin Mary, Undoer of Knots and Pope Francisco

Mar 7, 2019 | Reproducciones | 0 comments

Today we present you one of our latest reproductions, “Mary, Undoer of Knots”, oil on canvas in frame with a semicircular arch exactly the same as the original, with measures of 100 x 60 cm.

It is said in the world of art that each work has a story to tell, because when we make a reproduction there is always a story behind.

In Copiamuseo we enjoy, we like, we are passionate about our work, but the most important thing is that each client, becomes a friend, or so we feel. Through our work, we manage to contact people with an enormous humanity, in this case we are talking about Cristóbal.

When we got down to work, and never better said, we began to discover the history of this painting, which we will tell you in a moment.

Before, we would like to tell you about the difficulties we have had to get this work done. Once Copiamuseo had the confirmation of the commission to paint this work, we asked “San Peter am perlach”, in Ausburgo, (Germany), for a photograph or a picture of the image to make the best possible reproduction, but it was denied to us, something that did not prevent us from continuing working, we have to say that we could not understand this negative.

Although the photographs of this work on the internet were of very poor quality, we managed to make the work.

We emphasize that this painting was made known thanks to the current Pope Francisco. Everything happened when he was bishop of Buenos Aires, Monsignor Jorge Mario Bergoglio, made a trip to Germany for reasons of studies, and it was there when he found the image of “Virgin Mary, Undoer of Knots”, then, he took stamps to Buenos Aires, and distributed them among all the devotees. An Argentine painter offered to make a copy of the image, which was installed in the parish of San José del Talar.

The painting offers us a strange serenity, the Virgin has in her hands a ribbon full of knots, and looking at the person in front of her, takes the ribbon and leaves it smooth, untangling the skein of the difficulties that are suffered in life.

Since then, thousands of pilgrims come to the parish to venerate the image and ask to solve their problems. Today, this devotion is not only visible in Argentina, but in almost all of Latin America: Pope Francis, a fervent devotee, is always present.

Copiamuseo thanks Cristóbal, we want to thank him for the trust he placed in Copiamuseo, his treatment, his patience, and of course we wish him and all his family the best. Thank you friend.

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