The Tree of Life


  • Oil painting on canvas and gold.
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The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt

Oil reproduction on canvas of “The Tree of Life”, a work by Gustav Klimt. One of Klimt’s most famous works, it was completed in 1909 six years after his commission. The work cannot be admired because it is on a private property, “The Stoclet Palace” in Brussels.

As you can see in the picture the work is in the dining room of the palace, and are two works one in front of the other. In the painting, a tree is represented in the center with a black bird in its branches that can have multiple interpretations, some say that it is death waiting.

On the left side there is a woman with a serene face and Asian features looking towards the other end of the work, the right, where is the other part of the composition, a woman and a man hugging each other, who can remember “The Kiss”.

What we can admire are the sketches Klimt painted of “The Tree of Life” in the “Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna”.

The murals are 195 x 102 cm.
In Copiamuseo you can buy this work in various sizes.

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