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The Night Café by Vincent Van Gogh

Oil reproduction on canvas of Van Gogh’s “The Night Café”. Painted it in 1888 in Arles (France). It was the bar where he used to eat. In a letter to his brother Theo, he describes it perfectly and tells him what he wants to express. With those blood red walls and the intense yellows, with a billiard table in the middle of the green mat room and illuminated with gas lamps. A café where drunks and prostitutes who had nowhere to spend the night went.

In the letter to his brother Theo, he writes:
“In my painting I want to express that coffee is a place where one can ruin one’s life, go crazy and commit crimes.

The owner of the lightly-clad bar in the painting posed for Van Gogh for the three nights it took to paint it. This place was also painted by Gauguin when he visited Van Gogh in Arles.

The work measures 72 x 92 cm and is housed in the “Yale University Art Gallery” in New Haven, Connecticut.

In Copiamuseo you will find this work in various sizes. If you don’t have the one you need, you have a form to ask us for the measurements you want, clicking here.

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