Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun by Van Gogh

Mar 12, 2019 | Reproducciones | 0 comments

Hello friends.

Today we would like to show you an oil reproduction on canvas of a work by Van Gogh, “Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun“. The original work has measures of 73,7×92,7 cm, we have painted it by order of our client in Alicante, to whom I send a greeting in, 70 x 87 cm.

It is in the “Minneapolis Institute of Art“, Minneapolis, U.S.A.

It is not one of the best known works of Van Gogh, but we think a spectacular painting.

We have to tell you that it is always a pleasure to reproduce Vincent Van Gogh, although this entails a complexity that does not have to reproduce artists like Bouguereau, Velázquez or Murillo. I am referring to the texture of the brushstroke, this is a thick brushstroke with a lot of paint, and at the same time we have to paint with spontaneity so that the work has credibility.

As a final note we will tell you that after studying the original we see that most of the Van Gogh brushstrokes are done wet, but there are others that give them dry, this increases the time of completion of a work with this technique, since we have to wait for the drying.

We hope you liked the reproduction.


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