Oil reproduction of Triana by Emilio Sánchez Perrier

May 2, 2019 | Reproducciones | 0 comments

Hey, folks.

Today we want to show you the oil reproduction of Triana, by Emilio Sánchez Perrier.

A few months ago we received the order of a client from Seville, Matilde, for whom I send a big greeting. It was Triana, a work by Emilio Sánchez Perrier, a painter until then unknown to us, a Sevillian landscape painter who worked with oil and watercolor, and we love it, and we are not the only ones.

His works, of spectacular realism, have a common denominator, light.

Matilde visited the “Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla”, where this work is housed, and was fascinated, immediately transferring us the commission for its reproduction. Today we are especially proud of this work, which we hope you like.

We have painted it in oil on canvas, measuring 56 x 100 cm.


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