Oil reproduction of the Mona Lisa

Apr 30, 2019 | Reproducciones | 0 comments

Hello, everybody.

Today we want to show you the reproduction of this emblematic work of Leonardo da Vinci, “La Gioconda”, also known as “La Mona Lisa”. This reproduction was made for the Town Hall of Cabreros del Monte, in Valladolid, with measures of 76 x 52 cm.

The most famous pictorial work in the world is in the “Louvre Museum”. Da Vinci made it with almost 2500 glazes, and it took all his life. We made it with a few less, we painted it with six glazes, although they were enough.

The glazes for those who do not know, are thin layers of paint that when superimposed are creating a characteristic effect. To be able to make these glazes, the paint must be more diluted than normal, for this we use linseed oil with turpentine essence.

Da Vinci called the glazes, the technique of sfumato. We hope you like it.

A greeting.

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