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Oil portraits on request.

In Copiamuseo we make oil portraits, pencil portraits, charcoal portraits and pastel portraits as you want, fully customized, implementing the faces you want, you can make it bust or full body, add the pet, and of course choose the dimensions of the work.

The main purpose of a painting is decoration, but it is a source of great pride that your family is represented in a painting by means of a portrait.

Can you imagine an oil painting with your whole family?

We will paint it with the technique you want, oil, charcoal, graphite, which is nothing more than pencil, on paper or canvas and pastel, and if you want it framed.

Oil portraits

The oil portrait together with the pencil portrait is one of the most demanded. It can be done on canvas or table with the pictorial style that you like. It can be a realistic portrait or a hyperrealistic portrait, using brush, spatula, here the possibilities are enormous.

How to paint an oil portrait

At Copiamuseo we have always made our portraits in nature, with our client in the studio, but it is understandable that not everyone is going to be able to move around, or they don’t have time. In this case, we use the photographs they provide.

Pencil portraits

Our portraits in pencil and our portraits in charcoal, we made them on paper, on special cardboard for pencil, which is manufactured in various shades, such as gray and light cream, and on canvas. Of course at the end of the work, they are well fixed with special lacquers.

Other techniques

If it is to the liking of our customers, we can also make your pastel portrait in the same supports as pencil portraits, or make your portrait with watercolors.

Grafito sobre lienzo
Graphite on canvas

One of the best-selling portrait types. It’s because of the beauty of the graphite on the texture of the canvas, it’s really impressive.

Óleo sobre lienzo
Oil on board

A sample of how to copy a painting can be made from any photograph, or make a composition of several.

Here you can see this portrait of three children in oil on board.

Óleo sobre lienzo
Oil on canvas

Another sample of a portrait made with oil on canvas of a child, with a realistic style with a spatulate background.

Retrato de Elizabeth Taylor
Oil on canvas

What to say about oil painting, the most universal technique in all its styles, hyperrealism, realism. Copiamuseo will create the portrait in the style you request.

Our reproductions.

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