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Vincent Van Gogh

There is a paradox: one of the world’s most famous painters, Vincent Van Gogh, only sold one painting in his life, and it was his brother Theo, an art dealer, and the most important person in Van Gogh’s life. A prolific painter, he left a legacy of more than nine hundred works. Van Gogh in a moment of inspiration could paint one picture a day. He painted outdoors, and was obsessed with capturing light, especially during his time in Arles.

He became friends with Paul Gauguin, they even lived together for a while, this relationship had its lights and its shadows. He died at the age of 37, and the last months of his life were very sad. He suffered from hallucinatory dementias, although in periods of lucidity, he continued to paint. He was in the sanatorium of Saint-Rémy de Provence. In one of his crises, he cut off his ear. He spent the last years of his life in the north of France, in Auvers, during this period he painted a lot, but he ended up shooting himself in the chest.

Pictures by Van Gogh

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