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Jan Toorop

He was a Dutch painter born in Purworejo in 1858 on the island of Java which at that time was a Dutch colony.

His father was a Dutch civil servant and his mother was aboriginal, Jan was the third of five children.

At the age of fourteen he began his art studies in Amsterdam and Brussels. From 1882 to 1886 he lived in Brussels where he joined the so-called group of “The Twenty”, a group of painters, sculptors and designers. In this period he moved between realism, neo-impressionism and post-impressionism.

In 1886 he married Annie Hall, a British woman. During this period he worked in his Symbolist style and produced numerous works with pointillism.

She later painted in the Art Nouveau style.

In 1905 she converted to Catholicism, and from here began to make religious works, drawings for books, posters and stained-glass windows.

He died on 3 March 1928 in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Cuadros de Jan Toorop

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