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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a multifaceted Renaissance artist. Painter, sculptor, musician, scientist, architect, inventor, and so on. He was born in Vinci (Italy) in 1452 and died in France in 1519. He was a genius ahead of his time, he was a visionary, he developed projects such as the helicopter, the submarine, or the automobile, although these were unfeasible at that time.

He is especially famous for his pictorial works, such as “La Gioconda” and “La última cena”.

It can be said without fear of error that “La Gioconda” also known as “La Mona Lisa” is the most famous pictorial work in the history of painting. It is the painting that has been most falsified, reproduced, stolen, used in literature and cinema. The famous Mona Lisa smile.

Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci

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