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​Jean Francoise Millet

Jean Francoise Millet was a French realist painter born in Gréville-Hague in the Normandy region in 1814. He was born into a humble family of peasants, and when he was very young he showed qualities for drawing. Thanks to a scholarship, he went to Paris in 1837 to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, where he studied with Paul Delaroche.

Millet was not at ease in Paris, he did not like it, and decided to travel to Cherbourg and paint portraits there to alleviate his battered economy.

He married for the second time due to the death of his first wife and had nine children.

In 1851 he moved to Barbizon where he would stay for the rest of his life. From this moment on, his work had nothing to do with the previous one. He begins to paint peasant scenes that are those that will give him his later fame, for this he is known as the peasant painter. Some critics will interpret his work as a protest against the injustices suffered by the peasant collective and others saw in his work the perfect harmony between man and nature. Whatever the case, in this period he painted works of extreme beauty, realistic paintings with typical scenes of peasants with sunrises and sunsets.

Great artists such as Van Gogh and Pissarro admired Millet all their lives.

Barbizon died in 1875.

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