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Francisco de Goya y Lucientes was a Spanish painter born in Fuendetodos (Zaragoza) in 1746. From a humble family, he became the most important Spanish artist of his time. He was always at the forefront and was a pioneer in the
romantic movement.
In 1774 he started to work in the Royal Tapestry Factory, an important moment for him, as he began to relate to the high society, obtaining orders of all kinds.
Among other events in his life is the one that was judged by the Holy Inquisition, accused of obscenity because of his work.
At the age of 46 he contracted a disease that almost killed him and caused him to become permanently deaf.

Because of the turbulent times he lived through, the war of independence with the French and his deafness, his work became darker, I would say even gloomy.
It is worth mentioning his latest series of paintings on the walls of his country house, “La quinta del sordo” (The Deaf Man’s Farm), where he painted his famous “Perro simihundido” (Sunken Dog).
He died in exile in France in 1828.

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