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Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas was a French painter and sculptor born in Paris, and one of the greats of impressionism, although he denied this classification. Degas’ way of painting really differed from that of the Impressionists. Degas liked a more realistic painting, and despised painting outdoors.

Disappointed with the official show, he joined the Impressionists, always rejected, and began to organize exhibitions that would undoubtedly improve the economic situation of all of them. With this improvement, Degas began to acquire works of art by artists he admired, such as El Greco, Manet, Pissarro, Cézanne and Gauguin, although there were three artists particularly idolised by Degas, Ingres, Delacroix and Daumier, from whom he also acquired numerous works.

After being a painter, sculptor, patron and collector, at the end of his life he devoted himself to his last passion, photography.

Although his work is extensive, he was always known for his ballet dancers.

He died in Paris in 1917.

Oil paintings by Degas

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