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Caspar David Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich was the most important painter of German romanticism. He was born in Greifswald, Germany in 1774. In 1790 when he was sixteen, he took drawing lessons from Professor Johann Gottfried Quistrop, and four years later, he enrolled in the “Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Denmark”. He made many drawings of sculptures and landscapes, mainly in Chinese ink, but later he switched to oil, and painted mainly landscapes. Dark landscapes, at night, with ruins in the composition, with naked trees, and especially where nature dwarfed man.

To paint his landscapes he was inspired by the places he visited, he liked mountainous and marine themes.

Although he painted almost always realism, it was also characterized by its symbolism. In some of his works he used gold.

He was a successful painter in his life. We think that his most famous work is “The Walker on the Sea of Clouds”. His work is rich and extensive.

He fell into a depression and died in Dresden in 1840.

Cuadros de Caspar David Friedrich

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