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The Aurora by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Oil reproduction of “The Aurora” or “Dawn”, painted by William Bouguereau in 1881. The academic artist lavished himself with mythological themes. In this case he represents Eos, personification of the aurora. Eos had two brothers Helios and Selene, Greek divinities representing the sun and the moon. That’s why this work is part of a series of canvases paintings that are:

  • “The Aurora”, also known as “Dawn”.
  • “Twilight” or “Dusk” or “Evening Mood” from 1882.
  • “Night” of the year 1883
  • “Day” of 1884.

The original is in the “Birmingham Museum of Art”, Alabama, United States.

“The Aurora” measures 214.9 x 107 cm.
In copiamuseo, you will find this work in several measures, choose the one you want.

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Bastidor 2 cm, Bastidor 4 cm, Stretcherless


100×51, 120×61, 150×77, 180×92, 80×41


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