Almond blossom by Vincent Van Gogh.

Oil paintings by Copiamueo.

This afternoon we bring you a reproduction made in oil on canvas, Van Gogh “Almond blossoms” found at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

It is realized in 60 x 150 cm by wish of our client, for which we decided to paint the inferior half of the original work of Van Gogh.

It is always a pleasure to reproduce Van Gogh. In his post-impressionist era, he was a determined and courageous artist, as shown in this painting, where he does not mind leaving small areas of canvas unpainted, especially in the profiles of the branches. This painting is made with the same thick brushstroke, loaded with paint that Van Gogh used. Chromatically, it is perfect for its simplicity, simply the white of the flowers on a blue background. Another characteristic of this painting is the profiling of the branches in dark tones, almost black in some areas, which gives a lot of strength to the composition.

And nothing more, thanks to Raquel and her husband for being our clients.


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